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Welcome to Kassis Karate Academy, traditionally and internationally known by our Japanese name  SHITORYU KARATE-DO AUSTRALIA SHITOKAI - recognised as one of Australia's leading karate schools based in the north, north-eastern region of Melbourne Victoria.  We are experts in teaching people authentic, quality karate.  If you are a traditionalist, a sports enthusiast, or simply a parent wanting your child to attain fundamental life skills,  we can help you.

We are extremely passionate about helping people learn karate and we love empowering our valued members to be the best they can be.

Karate Classes That Inspire

Every day we inspire children and adults of all ages through karate in Melbourne.  Our program is designed to develop not only the body and mind but also one’s character, through fun yet practical sessions and fundamental teaching methods. Our school brings you the benefit of 30 years of traditional, authentic karate at its core, with a modern and fun method of delivering the syllabus to our students.


Education Second To None

Kassis Karate Academy offers a perfect combination of high quality knowledge and experience, coupled with friendly teachers, to fulfill the requirements of its valued members. The key trainers are internationally acclaimed instructor Con Kassis and former Australian and International champion Rosanna Kassis.  Individually they are high achievers in the world of Karate.  Together they are a formidable team, unequalled in terms of the level of knowledge and experience offered.

They teach and train karate lessons in Melbourne with their team of skilled instructors and assistants.  Con and Rosanna primarily teach at the school's headquarters in Tullamarine and also at Cairnlea.  Other branches taught by our own qualified karate instructors include Deer Park, Gisborne, Keilor Downs, Riddells Creek, Romsey and Strathmore.  Associated clubs are also located in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia.

9 times Australian Champion James Giuliano, taught by instructor Con Kassis since the age of 8!

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the best quality karate tuition to the community, through our karate classes in Melbourne.  Because the instructors at our academy are high achievers, we want to empower others to be high achievers.  We seek to do this through self-defence classes run by qualified and knowledgeable instructors, in a friendly environment, that emphasizes character development.

Our karate school in Melbourne aims to bring value to people’s lives, which in turn brings value to their family environment, their work and the people around them.  This is a valuable thing for society.

Karate - A Life Investment

We love to help people within our community develop life skills through our karate lessons.  Parents bring their children to our Melbourne karate lessons, in most cases to find a way to help their kids learn how to stand up for themselves throughout their school years – both physically and emotionally.  For this reason karate for kids in Melbourne is becoming very popular.  More and more parents are realizing that long-term karate training is proving to be the best investment for their kids.

Kids benefit by acquiring valuable skills that will last well into adulthood. Parents In turn benefit, gaining peace of mind knowing that their child is learning the valuable art of self-defence.  What they are learning is strengthening their character, and can one day get them out of a difficult situation.  This is reassuring to any parent.

It’s not just young kids that benefit from karate lessons.  Teens are also reaping the rewards by developing self-esteem through our Martial Arts Melbourne classes.  Adults are finding it to be a very rewarding activity too.  Whilst the kids are doing it for fun, the adults are doing it as a form of fitness, and as a stress outlet.  Whatever the reason, karate continuously proves to be a beneficial activity for absolutely anyone.

More and more people are joining our karate classes in Melbourne, because we are opening the door for them to do something fulfilling, and reap the rewards that karate has to offer.   No wonder we have such a high referral rate within our community!

Karate In The Olympics

Tokyo 2020 here we come!  Since Karate was recently announced the newest sport to be included in the Olympics, there has been a wave of excitement amongst the world-wide karate community.  But only affiliates of the Australian Karate Federation (AKF) can be considered eligible. Not all karate schools are affiliated and therefore not all are recognised by the Australian Olympic Committee.  Kassis Karate Academy has been affiliated to the AKF for the last 30 years, and is one of the leading academies producing some of Australia’s best athletes. So we definately meet the eligibility criteria, next it simply comes down to the ranking of athletes around the world, as only the best of the best will participate!

Con Kassis & AKF RC Chairman Dion Panossian, with Australian Olympic Committee president Mr John Coates

Con Kassis - WKF Technical Commission Chairman & Dion Panossian - WKF Referee Commission Member, with Australian Olympic Committee president Mr. John Coates

Join Our Martial Arts in Melbourne

You don’t have to be fit or possess any particular skills to join.  You just need to have a love of learning.  We know how to cater for the different needs of different people.  Our Melbourne Martial Arts classes offer a welcoming environment where we challenge everyone to be the best they can be.

At Kassis Karate Academy you will embark on an educational course, become knowledgeable, confident, respectful and respected.

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Kassis Karate Academy is affiliated to the following governing organizations:

We are therefore recognized by the Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Sports Commission, and the International Olympic Committee.

So you can be assured that the tuition provided by us is safe and properly accredited.


  • The greatest gift given to my girls from training with Kassis Karate has been the exceptional mentoring and encouragement that has lead to an enormous sense of worth that I hope they will carry for life.
    Arax Basil
  • My daughter, Isabella absolutely loves her karate classes at the academy. We looked at a few classes on offer around our neighborhood but found that Kassis is the best. We find the classes more structured, friendly and fun for her.
    Maria Alquiza
  • For us as parents Kassis Karate ticks a lot of boxes: each week our kids learn self-defence, manners, respect, discipline. The Senseis get the best out of the kids, and we have found them very approachable at every level of our children’s development. Our kids love it! We often catch them practicing at home amongst themselves!
    John and Roz
  • Two years ago Dimitri started as a Little Samurai having fun mixing with other young kids. Now he's a cadet belt with much more focus and discipline. For us karate is perfect at promoting and nurturing this and more. Dimitri loves the environment at Kassis Karate. He keeps reminding us that 'a black belt is a white belt that never gave up'. We couldn't be happier. We even did the Japan karate tour and loved it.
    Nick and Niki Kontos.
  • As parents we are so happy that we found Kassis Academy. It’s just the dojo to be. Our son Nicholas after 3 years of attending classes has become more confident, disciplined and has had a great opportunity to also meet new friends. Respect, responsibility, attitude are all keys to success - this is what it’s all about at this academy. Fantastic people Sensei Con and Rosanna Kassis.
    Peter & Melinda Gavos
  • My youngest son has had the privilege to train with both Sensei Con and Sensei Rosanna for approximately 6 months. As a father, I have been impressed with the overall balanced and nurturing nature of the Karate classes, never too forceful nor difficult and never too soft nor weak, while at all times promoting a safe training environment for the kids. I am pleased to see my son growing in both confidence and fitness, as a result of which, he now regularly participates in school sporting clubs. My son always looks forward to his next karate class.”
    Rick Palumbos
  • When I started karate I was unsure where I'd be and today I am closer to my black belt and it's all thanks to Sensai Con and Rosanna. They have improved me in self-confidence and discipline. I am also proud of my 2 children Steven and Clares' achievements who are both black belts. To get where we are today, would not have been possible if it weren't for the dedicated instructors.
    Melissa, Steven and Clare
  • After watching my son’s classes and witnessing the patience and kindness of the Senseis, I felt for the first time that I perhaps could do it too. I am so glad I found Kassis Karate Academy as it has given me a calmer mind, fitness, more self-confidence, great new friends, and the sense of belonging. What I also like is its emphasis on the 'why' as well as the 'how'. We also learn about the history/philosophy of karate, not just the techniques.
    Russell & Noah Arandez
  • I have been a student at Kassis Karate Academy for about four and half years. I signed up when I was 58 looking to increase my exercise program. I have found the experience challenging, rewarding, and stimulating, from both a mental and physical perspective. My son was a prime motivator and we train together. The founders of the Academy do a wonderful job in catering for the various needs of students. From a holistic health point of view my sense of wellbeing has improved and with the help of the ‘sensei’s’ I have gained a more thorough knowledge of the spiritual significance of karate as a way of life.
    David Trussler
  • I reintroduced my children to karate after a two year break. We were previously part of another organisation, and it was challenging to convince my them to try again. After meeting Roseanna at the initial one-on-one meet, they were easily convinced. It has been nearly 18 months now since joining and it has been an inspirational journey. The principal Con Kassis is a fantastic mentor for my children, in particular my son Jesse. I have seen Jesse's confidence improve at school. I am so proud of what my children have achieved with Kassis Karate. Thank you Kassis for your outstanding service.
    Judy Gatt
  • We have three boys attending Kassis Karate Academy. Each has benefitted in their own way from Karate, be it the calming and focus on an energetic young mind or the increase in confidence from a shy child. As a parent we are reassured by the fact that our boys understand how to defend themselves. We would not hesitate to recommend this as an enjoyable and valuable sport.
    Geoff & Kim Pinner
  • I used to think karate is only suitable for kids and young people until I see senior people, some older than me, competing in tournaments. I thought, this is something I could do to improve my fitness and strength. After the introductory lesson, both my husband and I were totally convinced and became members. The training sessions are structured and fun; and we train with people of similar age in a respectful, encouraging environment. Training is not just fitness for us, it is our socializing time with like-minded people, focusing on ourselves and our well-being. The enthusiasm and passion for karate of our trainers, Sensei Con and Sensei Rosanna, are very contagious and we always look forward to our training sessions every week.
    Phuong Truong



Kassis Karate Academy - TULLAMARINE

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