Karate Essendon

Our mission is to bring you the self-confidence, fitness and peace of mind that karate naturally instils in everyone. We have a commitment to improving the lives and general well-being of everyone in our local communities and karate has an ancient and honourable history of doing just that.  Come and meet our friendly team of highly qualified, high achieving, instructors who are themselves still very active in the world of karate, both in Australia and around the world.  Have a cruise around our website, especially the gallery, and see the happy and confident smiles among boys and girls, women and men, old and young.

For thirty years we have offered both ancient, traditional karate as well as methods that are more modern.  Our training courses can take you all the way to international competition level, and we have a string of successful medal winners to our credit.  This is all the more exciting since karate has just become an Olympic sport.


Karate Classes Essendon

Our courses offer karate for three to five year olds (we call them our Tiny Tigers), as well as for children, teens and adults. If you are already an athlete and would like to enhance your abilities, both mental and physical, please ask about our private karate lessons near Essendon.

Kassis Karate is the creation of the internationally acclaimed instructor Sensei Con Kassis, who is an 8th Dan Black Belt Master and has trained a series of national and international gold medal winners. His partner creator is the international gold medal champion Sensei Rosanna Kassis, who is a 5th Dan Black Belt instructor.

You do not need any special qualifications or fitness to start karate classes.  Essendon is not far away from our primary location and full-time centre (Honbu Dojo) in Tullamarine.  We would love to have a karate school in Essendon but we have not yet found a suitable location.

Our closest centre is in Tullamarine. The Tullamarine Centre is only a ten minute drive from Lincoln Road in the heart of Essendon, there is a bus stop on the corner of Lindaway Place on Melrose Drive, and access to trams from the nearby Westfield Shopping Centre.

We also have other branches around Victoria, Tullamarine being the headquarters and full-time centre.  

Through our affiliation to the Australian Karate Federation (AKF), which is the governing body for karate in Australia, we are recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and  the Australian Olympic Committee.  We can do and have done some amazing things, so come on over and say hello, you can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome.